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Three ways to try scarlets - our most versatile smoothie

Try something new for spring: discover one of our nutrition superstars, the quirky but versatile tomato juice ringer, scarlets. Find out why scarlets deserves a place in your next box, with these delicious recipe ideas.

Why we love...Beets

We’re heading down to Schrute Farms for this ingredient spotlight: all hail the mighty beet! Find out why this unsung superfood deserves a regular place in your smoothie rotation.

Why we love… Papaya

If we had to pick one superhero fruit, papaya would definitely be in the running. A rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and digestion-boosting enzymes - it's sweet and delicious to boot. Find out how papaya earned its place in the spotlight as our newest star smoothie ingredient.

What’s the deal with 5-a-day?

There’s one fact that doctors, nutritionists and researchers all agree on: a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is essential to good health. But why “5-a-day”? And what does that mean in practice?

Healthy habits for a healthy planet: our first 2021 sustainability update

It's been six months since we last updated you on kencko’s efforts to be a responsible business. So what’s up: did our smoothies get any greener?

Can food fire up your love life?

On Valentine’s Day, we reach for treats believed to have aphrodisiac qualities: chocolates, strawberries, oysters. But can food really bring heat to the bedroom, or is it just wishful thinking?

Why we love...Vanilla

The second most expensive spice in the world, complex in flavor and warm in scent, vanilla is good for you: so long as you keep it away from its usual playmate, sugar.

Why we love...Turmeric

This precious orange root isn’t just about the gorgeous golden hue - it also packs serious anti-inflammatory properties. Find out why turmeric is one of our star ingredients.

Ditch that drastic detox diet

Don’t fall for the empty “New Year, new you” promises of the latest crash diet. The real solution is gentler, slower, and a whole lot healthier.

Five golden rules for keeping New Year’s resolutions

If you’re determined to make some changes this January, keep this list handy - it might actually help those healthy habits stick.

Our favorite holiday recipes, with love from kencko

Wherever you are in the world, whatever festivals you celebrate, the holidays have two constants: food, and family.

Help! How do you cure a hangover?

Has nocturnal over-indulgence left you hurting? Let us apply some soothing science to your forehead, and whisper nutrition tips - very quietly - into your ear.